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About Us

VORKZONE is a dynamic community of all industries and skill sets. Our membership includes growing start-ups, creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals and enterprise teams. What connects us to each other is a collaborative mindset, supportive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.

What is Co-working?
Co-working involves businesses and individuals working in a shared environment. The collective shares the same values and interests in the collaboration and serendipity that will result from working with talented people in the same space. These companies work independently but oftentimes collaboratively.

Is Co-working suitable for me?
We provide our space to Corporations, Companies, Private Businesses and Individuals. You can rent a space for yourself or for your team according to your needs and requirements.

What should I bring to work at VORKZONE?
Bring exactly what you would bring if you were going to work at a coffee shop.  If you bring in, you should bring out. 

When are you open?
VORKZONE is open from 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday.

Can I bring my Dog? Kids? Cat?
Sorry, the lease doesn’t allow dogs (I tried to add it in and failed).  Kids are not conducive to our work environment so please do not bring them to work.  We find that cats have attitudes too, so they should stay home as well.  We are looking for a mascot…perhaps a fish?

How can I terminate my membership?
We hate to lose you! But if you have to go, we ask that you give us a written notice prior to your next invoice date depending on the plan you opt.

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?
No, our space operates on mutual respect.  If you have a conversation that turns private, feel free to take it outside or simply step into the lounge area! If you are on your phone all day non-stop, however, VORKZONE  may not be for you.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We prefer online transfers and we will take any major credit card, debit card.

Do I need to work with other freelancers in the space?
No, it means that you can work in the space while being surrounded by other coworkers working on their own projects. Joint projects often pop up naturally but it's not mandatory!

I'm not a business; can I rent a desk to use for independent learning?
Yes, you are very welcome in VORKZONE!

Is the space suitable for continuous outbound sales calls?
The space is not suitable for anything that is likely to disturb the other members in the community unless you have your own private office space at VORKZONE.

When will I be invoiced?
When you decide to become a member. You can pay by Debit/ Credit card or by cheque. All monthly fees are due on the first of the month. Invoices are delivered via email five days prior to the due date.

How much do I pay to reserve my office space?
We require a deposit equal to a month of the selected package.

Any discounts for bigger teams?
We are working on it.

Is parking facility available?
No metered parking available. However, parking space is available outside the building campus.

Is metro connectivity available?
Yes. Nearest metro station HUDA Metro station.

Is tea/coffee separately chargeable?
No. It is free for our members.

What is the Internet speed?
Its Business Broadband along with dedicated lease line.

Are pricing plans inclusive of taxes?
No. All the prices listed are exclusive of taxes.

Can I bring clients or guests with me to work?
Of course! Having a professional place to meet clients and hold meetings or workshops is a primary advantage of being a member of VORKZONE. Our conference room is equipped with a Flat Screen TV and whiteboard! If you are in need of additional type of equipment, let us know!

What kitchen facilities are available?


Is it fully furnished?

Yes space is fully furnished.

Are there any fees when I want to stop membership?

Do you have a minimum subscription period?
We are working on it.

Do I need to sign a contract, and for how long?
You need to accept the VORKZONE Agreement which is a short 1-minute easy read

How do I become a member?
Set up a tour and we will take it from there!

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